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In today’s ever-expanding global economy and mobility, to learn a foreign language is simply a good investment opportunity. Moreover, if the language is any one of the many Chinese languages or dialects, no better investment in a child’s future is imaginable. Thanks in large part to the dynamics of the Internet, a global platform for languages, and specifically translation services, create fertile ground for educational and career placements in the future. Various methodologies and techniques found on the web now have helped establish flourishing online schools, such as Bamboo Shoots, that take the learning of Mandarin to new heights in early childhood education for children ages two to seven. The Curriculum Offering a full immersion learning format, an accelerated bilingual curriculum in Mandarin is offered to those in early educational years. Integrating the language arts, math, science, social sciences/social studies, physical education and thorough practical introductory courses in computer sciences, an environment is created for dual language efficiency for all the students enrolled in the learning programs. Foundational Cultural Background Using various tools of teaching, students of Mandarin are first acclimated to a long-term introduction to the language, culture, history and traditions of China. Setting the stage for further global interaction between the rich cultures of Asia and the western world, we suggest that you click here for additional information on how simple it is to have the East meet the West in today’s age of international communication and diverse means of interaction.

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