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Yay, school year is almost over and my daughter is looking forward to do a lot of stuff this summer. They’re actually having a Field Day today at school. She was very excited this morning because she would like to participate in each game. Let’s see how it turned out when she gets home!

Daughter just finished her private swimming lesson last week. Overall, I think she did great and made a lot of improvements. Her swimming instructor told us that she did an awesome job. We’re so proud of you anak!

Since she really likes to swim, we decided to sign up for a family season pass at the Air Force base. It’s really cheap compared to other ┬ápublic/community pools. We paid $40 only for the three of us. Plus, it’s not crowded.

Showing her new trick she learned from her swimming instructor. I’m not sure exactly what she’s doing …lol!
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