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Congrats—you’ve just moved into a new place. While cleaning your brand-new apartment might not seem like your idea of a fun afternoon, it is definitely a necessity from time to time. Fortunately, a variety of handy cleaning products can make your life easier. By keeping a few essentials on hand, you can have your apartment will look spic and span in no time, leaving you with more free time to check out the neighborhood (much more fun, if you ask us!) Check out these tips for what to keep in your new apartment.

An All-Purpose Cleaner
A good all-purpose cleaner can meet many of your cleaning needs with one spray. These cleaners are great for scrubbing down almost any surface in your kitchen, including your stove, countertops, and even the door handles on your refrigerator. You can also use it to cut through grease or to sanitize surfaces in your bathroom. Add it to a bucket of hot water to create a great mopping solution that should get even the grimiest of floors clean. Get one with a pleasant smell, since you’ll be using it often.

Bathroom Cleaner
Your bathroom can get disgusting pretty quickly if you don’t have the right bathroom cleaner. Choose one that is mildly abrasive and contains bleach. This cleaner will be great for scrubbing down your shower, bathtub, sink, toilet, and grout until their surfaces sparkle. However, avoid using this cleaner on your countertop and other sensitive surfaces, as its abrasive nature could be damaging. For that, get a basic countertop cleaner.

Dishwashing Liquid
Obviously, dishwashing liquid is going to be important for you to keep your dishes and silverware clean, but did you know that it can also make a great spot cleaner? Simply add a drop of dish soap into a cup of water, and you’ll be left with an instant spot cleaner that will be great for cleaning upholstered furniture and carpet. If your apartment has a dishwasher (lucky you!), remember to invest in both dishwashing soap and dishwasher detergent—and make sure you don’t mix up the two! You can stock up at big-box retailers online and save some money. You may even get it delivered for free.

Wood Cleaner
Does dust get the best of you? You should dust your coffee table, desk, bookshelves, and TV stands, and anything else made of wood on a regular basis. Not only can wood cleaners clean up the existing dust, but they can also keep dust away longer while polishing your apartment’s wooden surfaces. You can even use your wood cleaner to rid dust from vents, ceiling fans, and other surfaces that tend to attract dust bunnies. It’ll make your furniture look nicer, and it’ll also be kinder to anyone with a dust allergy.

Floor Cleaning Tools
Whether your apartment is carpeted or has hardwood floors, you’ll need some tools to keep your floors clean. A broom, mop, and vacuum are all useful in cleaning up dust, dirt, and other debris that might make its way into your apartment. If you have a pet, these floor cleaning tools are going to be especially important, as dogs and cats that shed have a tendency to get floors dirty very quickly. Are you having a difficult time finding a place to stash this stuff? Try hanging it on the wall in a place that’s out of the way.

Are you trying to keep your dorm or college apartment clean—or just cleaning up after your kids? If you didn’t stock up on cleaning supplies before you (or they) went back to school for the fall, you should order them online for quick delivery. Check out more helpful reviews here for the best online shopping practices.

A smaller living space can feel cluttered more easily, so stay on top of your chores. Even 15 minutes of cleaning per day can make a difference!

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