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Much of the modern business landscape is based in a world that humans cannot see – the world of the very small and the very large. The technologies that most businesses use to automate and organize their marketing campaigns are very small. The audiences that technology is able to reach, vet and convert is very big. None of these things would be possible without knowledge of a different set of values and thought patterns that separate the winners from the losers in the Information Age. Too often, businesses with good products and services falter simply because they are not able to conduct their thinking patterns in alignment with this new wave of technology. They are unable to add the infinitely more precise and widespread network of contacts that digital automation can bring them to their limited, while noble, human efforts. It is simply not enough any more to have the best personal contacts, the best product or the best location. The Internet has opened up the doors of choice to the average consumer. If you do not engage them constantly and consistently on their terms, they will forget about you and choose one of your competitors. You need help to begin thinking along the lines of the automated digital workforce that will bring you success. If you are looking for a consulting firm that can help you with the higher order thinking that you will need to succeed in the digital age, then GLN Consulting is the company for you.

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