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There are textbook rentals online where you can rent textbooks and CampusBookRentals is one of them. CampusBookRentals is an online book retailer that offers a flexible renting periods for students who want to save money in getting the books they need for their classes. For every book rented, they also donate money to an organization that helps children with cleft palate problem, the Operation Smile. Operation Smile is one of the organizations that gives hope to those kids, and with your help through the CampusBookRentals, their chances of having a beautiful smile is even much bigger. I am sure that with the economic crunch, most of us wants to save money in buying the things that we need. When it comes to buying the books that you need in school, please consider renting because it is a way cheaper and you can also help other people by doing so. My husband receives book stipend in full semesters but he doesn’t get it during summer time or in semesters where he doesn’t have enough class to qualify for it. He rent books instead of buying it because it saves money by doing it.

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