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Here it comes again, that awful morning routine.  Mom wakes up first, and proceeds to the seemingly never ending process of get the kids up and ready for school.  Does your morning bring with it chaos and confusion?  If so here’s a few steps that might help streamline your morning routine and help you get those kids up and ready for school without the fuss.

1.       Start the night before.  Before sending each child to bed at night take a few minutes to ask a few questions: Is all of your homework for tomorrow finished?  Are there any papers mom needs to sign? Have they picked out clothes for tomorrow?  Having these preparations ready the night before will help make the morning easier.  A backpack for kids is a must! Checking and loading the backpack with completed homework and notes the night before will easily eliminate the last minute shuffle and stress of a frantic morning.

2.       Establish a bedtime routine.  If a child has a consistent bedtime they will be more likely to also have a consistent wake time.  This helps to eliminate the crankiness in the morning that is a result of being overtired or not having enough sleep.

3.       Buy each child an alarm clock.  Teach children that it is their responsibility to get themselves up in the morning by helping them set an alarm clock for the time you both decide is a good wake-up time.  A child who gets up on their own schedule is much more pleasant than a one who’s mom who has to knock or call repeatedly every morning for them to get up.

4.       Help your child establish a morning routine.  Whether it’s to get up first thing and shower, or to get up more leisurely (if they give themselves enough time) establish a time schedule for each event leaving plenty of time to get to school on time.  This morning routine will go much smoother with the clothes laid out the night before as well.

5.       Breakfast.  Have a good breakfast plan.  It’s important your child has a good breakfast before heading off to school so that they will be more prepared to listen and to study.

6.       Quick morning chores.  If you child has a chore they are expected to do each morning help them fit that into the routine so that it becomes habit and is not something else you have to nag them about.

7.       Last minute check and out the door.  Take one last minute to make sure you have everything: backpacks, jackets, lunches, etc. and head on out to school.

Once you’ve established a good routine you will find that the stress and rush of mornings past will transform into much more enjoyable, organized mornings for both you and your child.

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