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If you are being harassed by debt collectors because you are not able to pay your debt on time, there are certain steps that you can take to stop collection harassment California. The Fair Debt Collections Practices Act was passed to protect the welfare of debtors by stopping deceptive and abusive debt collection practices. Debt collectors contact debtors if they are behind their payments or if the creditor’s records reflect that the debtor hasn’t been paying his bills for quite some time. Although third party debt collectors are allowed to contact debtors through a formal letter, there are certain things that they cannot do. This includes sending you multiple letters with threatening messages, calling you at your home at odd hours and contacting you at work and letting your co-workers know of your debts. Proper legal representation is needed if you really want to stop collection harassment for good. They know the legal steps that you can take to protect yourself against abusive debt collectors.

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