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I am a little overloaded these days with choices. I know, celebrate the freedom to choose and all of that stuff, but sometimes there’s just too many. I need you to narrow it down for me and give me the clear advantages of one over the other. It’s like my kids choosing cereal in the morning. It’s just easier if I pick the healthy one for them so they don’t have a chance to make a poor decision. That’s why I like websites like http://www.satellitetv-hq.com. They separate the providers and options into a clear chart where you can choose what you need. It’s the equivalent of comparing Cheerios, Fruit loops, and Honey Bunches of Oats. Crunchy, they all have it. Flavor, well only the Fruit Loops, and nutrition, Cheerios. Easy choice for mom. The same goes for TV. A gazillion channels, they all have it; easy to use, well just a few; price, only one. See, if all companies would just lay it out there like this for their customers, life would be so much more manageable!

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