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My mom is the sweetest person in the world in when we moved here she got us a subscription to directtvto make sure she and I would still be able to watch our housewives shows and then catch up on them over the phone. Her favorite is the New Jersey series while I’m more partial to the Atlanta season but you know, we both get a kick watching those crazy ladiespretend they are important. I really miss my mom but she and I have always had a really unique relationship where we were able to not see each other for long periods of time didn’t pick up right where we left off which is something I’m really thankful for now. This new part of me but it’s been even harder on my son so anytime I miss my mom I just think about how easy it is for me and how I need to be stronger for him. At least mom and I have unlimited night and weekend minutes so we are able to talk on the phone all the time.

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