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Toddlers do unexpected adorable things that even if they so something that gets them in trouble, it is hard to stay mad at them for a long time. Parents with toddlers can attest to this. Toddlers can say something unexpected that can make you smile or laugh uncontrollably. They seem to know when you’re feeling down and give you hug that can lift your spirits. They can burst into a song with lyrics that only they could understand but sound adorable nonetheless. They can make you stop what you’re doing and cuddle to you as long as you want giving you that quiet time you desperately need to have.
Whenever adults get so stressed with their busy lives, they would usually browse over pictures of their children or watch videos of adorable kids doing adorable things and they would instantly feel light hearted. Parents who had a stressful and busy day at work look forward to coming home and spending time with their kids to help them feel better and relieve them of their tiredness. Whether you watch videos of kids dancing, toddlers singing, babies kissing or kids kissing, you are most likely to have a positive and happy mood throughout the day. Trust me, I’ve done it so many times. You can actually find the most hilarious videos about Funny Babies out there.
For more amazing funny videos in the world, you should check out www.youtube.com/ooops today. So what are you waiting for? We should laugh out loud together.

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