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Arriving at the decision to finally propose to your girlfriend is a huge decision and you want to be able to do it the right way. You want to be able to do something that will make your proposal as memorable as possible. You have seen how others have proposed to their girlfriends and I’m sure you want to do something unique that will make it as memorable as it can be. As silly as it may sound, it would be ideal if you practice how you will propose. Saying, “Will you marry me?” can be so nerve wracking that you can get tongue tied while doing it. It would be best if you practice what you want to say. It would also be best if you find the right engagement ring. Whether it is a simple engagement ring or a three carat diamond ring, what is important is you choose a ring that will best express how you feel. You can also choose a citizen sapphire watch or one of those tiffany station necklaces to complement the engagement ring. Once you have done all the necessary preparations, your marriage proposal will surely be something that you will always remember.

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