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Keeping your kids creative should be a constant goal in your life. One of the best ways to do this is to set up a space that they can go wild in. The arts can get messy so take this advice to heart and reduce your cleanup considerably.
Start with the clothes. We all know about the smocks that we wore in elementary school but there are much better options out there. Nursing scrubs are cheap and easily ordered online. You don’t even have to wash them once they get too nasty. They are made to be thrown away.. If you plan to help your kids in the art room, and you should, you need to get yourself a set. Actual nursing scrubs don’t come in kids sizes but you can get scrubs in the right sizes and they come in patterns and prints that nursing scrubs don’t. I know a few nurses that opt for these over their nursing scrubs so they can represent their favorite sports team on the job.
Lay down tarps and line the walls. If you are working with paint you should assume that it’s going to get everywhere. Having thick, plastic tarps covering the floors will help clean up the eventual spills. Cheap muslin is perfect for lining the walls but should not be used on the floor since big spills will soak through. You may have a new Jackson Pollock on your hands so assume the paint is going to start flying and prepare for that happening. If you own your own house then you may want to give them a blank wall to paint on so you don’t have to worry about the walls at all. Just make sure to still protect the floor. Painter’s tape is your friend for sealing those edges and preventing a ruined carpet or stained hardwood.
Enroll them in an extracurricular art class. If you don’t have the room to set up a dedicated space for their art in your home then the next best thing is to get them into a classroom. It’s not cheap but you need to keep encouraging their creativity and nurturing their imaginations. This will also help them socialize outside of school. On top of that, this means that you don’t have to do any cleanup.

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