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Thanks for the post, Arthur Lawrence

I don’t know a darn thing about owning my own home but all of a sudden here I am with my mom’s huge old farmhouse in my name. When she died unexpectedly last year I knew she would leave it to me but I guess I just hadn’t really thought about what it would mean to be living inside this big old house that needs so many repairs all by myself. I’ve gotten to work on some of the stuff already like the North Branch Direct Energy and the fence addition and I’ve even painted a few of the rooms. Whatever this place ends up looking like I know that mom would be proud because she was an artist at heart and I think she always imagined this house the way it used to be. I love that I can still feel her in all the rooms – it’s like she’s still here with me, in a way. I know that sounds creepy but I think a lot of people still have attachment to places that bring back memories.

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