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Toys are the most popular choice as gifts to children especially during the holidays. But shopping for toys can also be frustrating especially if you have hundreds of toys to choose from. The first thing that you have to remember is that toys have to be age appropriate. Toys for older children are not suitable for children three years old and below because they contain small parts that may be accidentally swallowed and may cause a toddler to choke. Read the labels of toys carefully to know how each toy should be used. They must be made in materials that are not harmful to a child’s health particularly toys for infants. Buy toys for toddlers that can stimulate their minds. Make sure that they do not have sharp edges and that each part is properly secured. Buy only from trusted toy stores to make sure that you only buy toys that have passed quality standards. With these things in mind, you are assured that shopping for toys especially during the holidays will be a much enjoyable experience.

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