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There is one thing that I am not very fond of and that is my high cell phone bill. If you are looking to save money on your cell phone bill, you should checkout Straight Talk. Signing up for a long contract which forces you to stay with a cell phone company isn’t needed anymore. Straight Talk doesn’t require you to have a contract. An exciting thing about this plan is that you can Feel Richer with Android by signing up for the Straight Talk plan. The power of Android will still be yours for only $45 a month with unlimited use, and you will still get free activation, free reactivation and free termination fees. You will still get the flexibility of making international calls by using this plan because it is a prepaid calling service. You will also not be charged for 411 calls as well. The great thing is that you will get all the apps and games that you need and this type of smart phone plan always has no contract. So what are you waiting for? If you wan to throw away your old cell phone contract and cut the cost of your cell phone bill, you need to checkout the Straight Talk plan and see how they can help you.

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